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The size of the houses varies due to the size of the letters. The approximate size is height 11-13"; width 6";  roof & floor depth 9-13"'; house depth 6.5-7".

Click on the "Available for Sale" link below to view the birdhouses for sale.  The "Sold Birdhouses" link below will display additional birdhouses.  If you see one you like, we can custom make it for you.  Please note that prices and shipping fees on the SOLD birdhouses may have increased. Please contact me first for an updated price and shipping. I will than list the birdhouse for you to purchase in the “Available for Sale” section. Thank you for visiting ABCbirdhouses.


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Birdhouse - 65 Roses for Cystic Fibrosis by ABCbirdhouses

Regular price $65.00 


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Please view the "Sold Birdhouses" link also.  If you find one you like, we can custom make another.

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"65 ROSES" Birdhouse
Top View
"65 ROSES" Birdhouse
CF Foundation Fund Raiser Birdhouse

Side View

"65 ROSES" Birdhouse
Side View